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At Soapsmith, we’re committed to protecting and restoring our environment, supporting independent businesses for fair economic prosperity, and to helping and giving back to our local communities.

Keeping it Local

We make every effort to keep our supply chain and manufacturing as local to Soapsmith as possible, reducing our Carbon Footprint and supporting local businesses at the same time.

All our products are manufactured in the UK, with 60% of our products still made at Soapsmith HQ in London and the rest made in Devon.

We source our ingredients from UK suppliers, and where this is not possible, from as close to the UK as possible.

Sustainable Ingredients & Packaging

We make our products with natural or naturally derived and sustainably made products. This approach ensures our exceptional product quality and skin feel is protected, whilst avoiding chemical or harmful ingredients- both to the skin and the environment.

In 2022, we began our transition toward 100% recyclable and/or recycled and biodegradable packaging for all primary and secondary packaging. We are on track to achieve our goal by H2 of 2023.


Walthamstow and London has been our home for 12 years. We don’t consider ourselves a group of employees making soap, rather we are family and community of people, making everyday products that uplift and make others smile. Our values breed a philanthropic culture, and nothing brings us more joy than when we can help our community. To name just a few things that we do: we send mini bars of soap, made from the wastage from production, to Homeless Charities, Shelters and Food or Service Banks such as Beauty Banks. On the odd occasion we run a promotional sale, we send a percentage of profits to Charites such as Rethink Mental Health and the Big C, and we donate products and gifts to other businesses hosting fund raising events for good causes.

If you’re interested in understanding more about our Sustainable or Philanthropic initiatives, or if you would like to ask us to get involved in a community project, then please email